Formed Kekenoko-zoku who alleges Japanese street culture Takenoko-zoku in 2017 and gained popularity in Harajuku where no longer Hokoten exists by fitting in the old and present generations.

They have been dancing around in Harajuku twice a month regularly.

Their original Kekenoko dance can be danced easily by anyone with the music from Shouwa to Reiwa, and the ageless and borderless fashion gained popularity.

They were featured by NHKworld and people from overseas crave to participate.


In Obon season in Japan, they dance Bon dance that has a high affinity with Kekenoko and Expand the range of activities.

Their Kekenoko dance called Hokoten Bon dance that they dance in circle on a high wooden stage achieves popularity from any gender and generation.

They joined festivals not only in Tokyo but Nagoya Castle, Sapporo and Kanazawa in 2019. They have Branches in Sapporo and Netherlands.


Their documentary film Making Hokoten by Kekenoko Walk is nominated for the department of Entertainment recommended by the judge of the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival

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